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Wed, 10 Aug 2022
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Encouraging creativity at work

The office, for most people, does not tend to foster creativity and coming up with fresh and new ideas. There are many reasons for this.

Many businesses get set in their ways, and as much as they may think they have a creative culture, the reality is that they do not. This may be for many reasons: work pressures make it seem more tempting to get on with the job at hand than 'waste time' challenging current methodologies and thinking of new ones and new products.

The actual office environment can also be quite dull and hostile to creative thinking, and creative thinking or challenging current processes also runs the risk of affecting the egos of those who came up with the current policy or have dictated that something must be done in a certain way. Consistency of approach and inertia to change can all make it difficult for creative thinking, yet without ideas and fresh thinking businesses can quickly stagnate or at the very least not evolve and move with the times, consistently honing and enhancing their business approach.

We have developed a range of creative thinking tasks and challenges that are specifically designed to help encourage employees to think creatively, challenge assumptions and approach problems from new angles to help improve processes or come up with entirely new ways of doing things.

These materials often work well in a workshop, a dedicated event on creativity or simply for discussion at a team meeting with a weekly ten minutes on creativity and thinking with one problem discussed each time to help coax staff to think creatively.

For more information on the puzzles and games we can provide to encourage creativity in your workplace, please Contact us in the first instance for samples and more information on the range of services that we can provide.

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