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Wed, 10 Aug 2022
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Grammar, spelling and syntax tests

Whilst many people do not learn grammar and spelling through traditional educational methods anymore, it remains important in the work place to be able to spot errors and know how to spell words correctly. These tests can be a useful way of verifying the ability of interview candidates to not only spell and check their grasp of English, but also for proof-reading tests and in general to establish abilities to spot errors and patterns.

Here, briefly, are some examples of elements that may be included in these tests:

Grammar Tests

1) My mother and me went shopping.

Is this gramatically correct, and if not how should the sentence read?

2) I quickly ran to the front door.

How should this sentence be re-written to be constructed in a better sense gramatically?

3) This is the best of the two magazines.

What is wrong with the sentence above, and how should it read?

Spelling Tests

Confirm whether or not these words are spelt correctly; if not, give the correct spelling:

1) seperate
2) definately
3) recession
4) stationery (as in paperclips)
5) satisfactary

Syntax tests

Spot as many errors as you can in this small passage of text and explain what the errors are:

"yesterday I went to park with my sister - We decided that, given the sun was shining it was, a good idea to take a picnic. Their were sum other people there, including an old woman and her pet Dog, cedric. And it was quite windy, so if it had not been sunny than we would of got very cold indeed!"

If you require any English related tests such as these, either for puzzle books, aptitude tests or interview related purposes, please do get in touch. Please contact us with details of your requirements and we shall get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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