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Sun, 03 Jul 2022
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Jumbo Wordwheels

jumbo wordwheel cover imageIf you're a fan of wordwheel puzzles, then you might be intrigued to hear about a new puzzle - a jumbo wordwheel!

As the name suggests, the jumbo wordwheel is like a standard wordwheel puzzle, only bigger.

A standard puzzle contains eight letters around the wheel (typically, although that can vary) and has one centre letter which must appear in every word that you find, and at least one nine-letter word available.

A jumbo wheel increases both of these numbers: firstly, the number of letters around the edge of the wheel is nine, rather than eight. And, intriguingly, there are now two centre letters rather than one!

This means that every word you find must include BOTH of the letters in the middle of the wordwheel puzzle, along with a selection of outer letters. And there is at least one 11 letter word to find in every jumbo wordwheel.

So, if you're a fan of standard wordwheels and are interested in the challenge that is the jumbo wordwheel, here is a link to our new book of these puzzles:

Jumbo WordWheel Puzzle Book
Date written: 31 Jul 2019

Category: word puzzles | Keywords: wordwheels

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