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Fri, 21 Feb 2020

The Knights Tour

knights tour
The Knights Tour belongs to an interesting group of puzzles known as travelling puzzles.

Many of these puzzles follow the path of a chess piece around the board, or are inspired by that movement on a grid of a variety of shapes.

You may have played our kings journey puzzles, which emulate the journey of a king piece as it visits every piece on the board exactly once.

But have you played the Knights Tour puzzle, which records the movement of a knight as it visits every square on a grid just once, and logs the position in its journey that it visits each and every square.

If you're not familiar with the journey of a knight, then it moves two squares in a horizontal direction followed by one vertically, or two squares in a vertical direction followed by one horizontally. This unusual pattern of movement can make for enjoyable puzzles.

Here is a link to a small free Knights Tour puzzle for you to play. If you like it let us know below, and if you'd like to see some bigger puzzles or have any other comments it's always great to hear from readers.

Date written: 13 Apr 2011

Category: knights tour

Keywords: travelling puzzle | free puzzle

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