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Sun, 03 Jul 2022
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Link Word Puzzles

Link Word puzzles are the sort of puzzle that many people enjoy, but are hard to find other than the occasional puzzle here and there in a mixed puzzle book or magazine.

If you've not come across this simple yet deceptively fun puzzle type before, here is an example of a link word puzzle: which one word can connect all of: GREASY, FEED and WOODEN? The answer is five-letters long. The answer word might be placed before or after each of the three words to give a new word or phrase on each occasion.

Have you thought of the answer? If yes, then well done! If not, then the answer here is SPOON, to make greasy spoon, spoon-feed and wooden spoon. All link word puzzles work in the same way, asking you to find the common connecting word between various others - hence the name link word!

As a puzzle type that many people enjoy but is hard to come across, we've received several requests for a collection of just this one puzzle type. And so it's been on our 'to do' list for quite some time.

We're pleased to say that we've now compiled a book that is dedicated purely to the link word puzzle and nothing else, and contains 100 of this fun, self-contained puzzle type that requires nothing other than a little thought and knowledge of the English language to solve.

If you're interesting in the book of Link Words, you can find out more on this page where you can buy our Link Word Puzzle Book.

On a separate note, if you have any ideas for a book that you'd really like to see, or a puzzle type that you'd enjoy seeing in a collection on its own rather than distributed sparingly in a mixed puzzle book, then do let us know - if we think it's a good idea too then we'll try our best to get it created and update you as and when we get round to creating it.

Happy puzzling! Here's one more link word puzzle for you to ponder: which one word connects all of the following three words: JUMP, METAL and TOUCH? As a clue, the answer is four-letters long. And remember, for a total of 100 link word puzzles to enjoy, you can purchase our collection of them via the link above.
Date written: 24 Feb 2017

Category: word puzzles | Keywords: link words | word puzzles

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