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Sun, 03 Jul 2022
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Puzzle Magazines

There are a huge number of puzzle magazines out there in the market.

When you go to your local newsagent or even supermarket, you will see a large range of puzzle magazines.

Predominantly these magazines will cover crosswords, wordsearch and possibly letterfits and arrow words. Oh - and of course there will be a selection of sudoku publications too. And maybe even one or two mixed logic puzzle magazines.

But where do you go to get a collection of your favourite puzzle, if your favourite puzzle happens to be something like a rarely seen logic puzzle? If you love calcudoku where do you go to get a collection of calcudoku?

Or if you have a penchant for really large sudoku puzzles - let's say 25 x 25 sudoku - how do you get a magazine of them when such a thing does not exist?

The answer to that question is by going online!

Our reasonably new puzzle magazine website contains a large range of different puzzle magazines which aim to solve the problem of getting access to a lot of a particular puzzle type that is only ever usually seen in a compendium publication. These are all available in PDF format.

Take a look at Puzzle Magazines and you can access a large range of collections of rarely seen puzzle types.
Date written: 08 Dec 2010

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Looking for rarely seen puzzles or logic puzzle which can be useful for the corporates. Regards Arpitha
By: Arpitha - 24 Feb 2015 11:10:51

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