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Fri, 21 Feb 2020

World Puzzle Championships 2013

The World Puzzle Championships for 2013 recently took place in October, hosted this year in China.

The world puzzle championship is an event organised by the WPF - World Puzzle Federation - where the best solvers from around the year meet annually to contest the prize and find out who the top puzzler is.

The competition involves a variety of rounds, both team and individual rounds, with teams of four representing each country.

Puzzles in the rounds range from the familiar logic puzzles through to puzzles constructed just for the tournament, but all are number/logic puzzles as opposed to word puzzles so that it doesn't matter what country people come from they are all able to solve the puzzles.

The top three finishers for 2013 were:
- Ulrich Voight (Germany)
- Palmer Mebane (USA) - who was comfortably ahead after the main rounds of competition but lost out in the final showdown
- Thomas Snyder (USA)

The UK team achieved a great placement in the team competition, coming 6th, so congratulations to them. The top UK finishers in the individual competition in 2013 were Neil Zussman (15th) and James McGowan (16th).
Date written: 17 Nov 2013

Category: competitions

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