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Crossword a Day 2024
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brain puzzlesClarity Media creates a wide variety of different puzzles in-house, so if you are looking to buy puzzles, please explore the large range we have to offer below then contact us with your requirements. Our puzzles provide great interactive content for any publication, whether it be a newspaper, magazine, leaflet or promotional marketing. And online, our puzzles make excellent 'sticky content' for a web site. When you buy puzzles, they can be provided in a suitable format, whether you need them for print publication or for use online, in black and white or in colour.

We have supplied puzzles for many magazines, newspapers, books and individual web sites. Our puzzles are used in several mainstream newspapers / magazines in addition to puzzle books, company promotions and marketing material and a range of other publications, both print and online. Puzzle FAQ.

We also supply articles and journalistic content on keeping your brain active, 'mind exercise' and improving your ability. Puzzles in this area include the Memory Test Puzzle, mental agility, odd one out puzzle and improvement articles include How to improve your memory. Find out more about our brain training content and try some Brain Training Games and other mind game exercises. For online puzzling requirements we have a variety of puzzle feeds available. Please follow a link below to find out more about each of the puzzles that we can supply you with:

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If you are looking to purchase puzzles for publication, please Contact Us about buying puzzles
The majority of our puzzles are in English, however we can also supply foreign language puzzles. Read about our puzzles in other languages:
We supply over 50 different types of number, word and logic puzzle such as the Domino Puzzle. We also supply a range of Childrens Puzzles, such as Childrens Crosswords, aimed at the younger puzzle enthusiast. We can supply an order of any size, comprised of any puzzle selection with quick turnaround times and meet any bespoke requirements. Simply Contact Us with your requirements, and we'll swiftly get back to you with a response and quote, if appropriate. Also popular are our mental challenge quiz questions.
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